High Intensity, Low Impact, Total Body

  • Our Workout

    It’s rowing – and so much more. Alternating intervals on and off of the row machine deliver a triple threat workout: high-intensity sweat, low-impact burn, total body results.
  • Our Machines

    Sexy row machines? That’s right. Gorgeous and functional, our WaterRower row machines use water to create dynamic resistance.
  • Our Instructors

    The best of the best. We’re here to inspire you, to make you stronger, to help you be your best self.

“Unlike spinning, you aren’t constricted to the equipment throughout the 50-minute workout. Rowing is interspersed with regular intervals of intense mat work, which includes free weights, planking and squats.”

A smarter workout for better results

  • BURN BABY, BURN High-intensity intervals alternate bursts of extreme activity with recovery exercises to increase aerobic capacity and efficiency. Translation: you’ll burn more calories, improve endurance and have fun while you’re doing it!
  • SAVE THE JOINTS This is a smart workout – low-impact and form-centric to reduce the risk of injury while still providing a kick-ass workout. We made rowing central to our workout because it eliminates the force other cardio exercises put on your joints while still providing maximum burn.
  • LEGS + CORE + ARMS Each stroke on the row machine works 84% of your muscles for a true total body workout. By coupling rowing with complementary sculpting exercises, CITYROW hits every part of your body for head-to-toe toning – you’ll feel it in muscles you didn’t even know you had!

“CITYROW has transformed the exercise landscape in New York. The fifty minute workout uses WaterRower to provide low-resistance training while the interval mat exercises offer a full body overhaul.”

Rowing and so much more

CITYROWOur signature class combines rowing intervals on sexy, water-based rowing machines with dynamic sculpting exercises for the perfect balance of cardio and strength training. This heart-pumping, sweat-drenched, total-body burn is as fun as it is effective. New to rowing? Don’t sweat it – we’ll teach you everything you need to know. FUNDAMENTALSThis 50-minute workshop will introduce you to our WaterRower rowing machines and teach you the basics of proper rowing form. The focus is on form and individualized attention. And don’t worry – while you’re learning, you will also be sweating. Not a prerequisite, but great for newbies as well as return clients who want deeper instruction on proper form.​
CARDIO+COREThe ultimate TOTAL BODY cardio fix, CARDIO+CORE is 50 minutes of heart-pounding CARDIO combined with a serious CORE blast. Rowing drills will activate every muscle group in your legs, core and arms. Intense ab and core work off the rower will make you sexy as hell – and a better rower! Expect to cover serious meters and torch major calories. CITYROW FLOWStarts with one interval of heart-pumping, total body cardio on our water-based rowing machines followed by vinyasa flow yoga, focusing on aligning your breath with movement. We call it the best of both worlds. Like salted caramel or cold-pressed cocktails, this unexpected combination results in a workout that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
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“CITYROW is intense, challenging, and works you just as hard (although in a different way, using different muscle groups) as a bootcamp or high-intensity cycling class.”

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