Posted on: December 17th, 2017 by CityRow

Navigating eating during the holidays can be stressful. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! CITYROW instructor, healthy chef and YouTube foodie ALYSSA GAGARIN is here to help with some healthy holiday eating tips!

The holidays are a time to be spent with your loved ones, to reflect on all you are grateful for and to create lasting memories together. It is not the time to get too hung up on dieting or restricting your eating. After all, this is the time to enjoy those around you. And a holiday meal and tasty treats are some of the best ways to do that! Food brings such great joy!! Don’t let it stress you out.

However, because it is easy to head down the rabbit hole of negative eating habits that could leave you feeling lousy, I wanted to share a few tips. The holidays should be all about feeling fantastic! So here are a few ways to navigate your holiday eating to leave you feeling fresh and fabulous!


Aim for at least 3 different colors on your plate. When serving yourself a holiday meal, look for the colorful foods! Those usually are more nutrient dense. A holiday plate can easily end up looking entirely white/brown. But try to get some orange, green, and red on your plate! Maybe even some purple! This way, you are getting a variety of nutrients during your meal.


We usually fill up our plate with a little of everything and end up eating it ALL. Sometimes we eat it simply because it is on the plate, not because we are actually enjoying it. Choose your favorite items that you are most looking forward to and enjoy every bite of it- rather than eating everything just for the heck of it. What are the 3 dishes you are most excited about? (Crab cakes and Mac & Cheese are on my list!)


I know it’s hard to resist all of the scrumptious holiday treats. But don’t tackle the cater waiter or lick your plate clean before Grandma’s 2nd bite! The food isn’t going anywhere. There’s no rush. The slower you eat, the more time you give your body to digest, and the more time you get to spend with your family! Win win!


Before you inhale your entire plate, take breaks to check in with yourself and assess how hungry you still are. Before you think about going back for a second helping, try drinking a full glass of water. Let it digest for a few minutes, and then check in with yourself to see if you’re really still hungry. If so, then by all means, eat! But listen to your body!


Speaking of water, drink one glass of water per alcoholic beverage. Staying hydrated is important. It can also be deceiving if your body is hungry or if it is simply thirsty for water! Water might be the answer!

Hope that these are some helpful things to keep in mind, but do not let it interfere with enjoying your holiday food! Wishing the entire CITYROW Crew a joyous, wonderful holiday and prosperous 2018!


Alyssa Gagarin is an instructor at CITYROW, a certified personal trainer and a personal chef. She is Nutritious Life certified through Keri Glassman’s The Nutrition School. Alyssa hosts a popular cooking show on YouTube that showcases her passion for getting people to get into their kitchen!

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