SPRINT TO SUMMER: get to the finish line

Posted on: May 11th, 2018 by CityRow

While we’ve been training for the weather we’ve wanted all winter long (looking at you, beach season), our SPRINT TO SUMMER challenge pushes you to take 20 CITYROW classes in 6 weeks, ending on June 17th. That’s 3 classes per week (with a few 4-class weeks thrown in for some extra burn)! For those of you upping your game, we gathered tips and tricks from some of our instructors and crew members to ensure you earn your Golden Oars.

“I book my classes for the week well in advance. Sunday night, like clockwork, I reserve a rower in Annie’s Tuesday 6:30pm, Julia’s Thursday 5:30pm, and Trevor’s Friday 9:30am. If it’s down in writing that I am supposed to be there, I will never miss it!”
– Rachel W.

“I prep my meals for the week on Sunday to know I’m getting the right nutrients to recover from my workouts properly. And if I miss that Sunday prep time? Monday night, while I’m making dinner, I’ll make an extra portion for Tuesday’s lunch. That way, I never get caught off-guard. No one wants to feel icky after eating a quick, less-than-healthy lunch, or worse, pay $18 for a salad you could’ve made yourself.”
– Christina P.

I never break a sweat without a buddy. CITYROW is exciting for me because the room is bright and the mood is light- it’s a place for instructors to interact with us, for friends to support each other, and for everyone to whine about how hard the finisher sounds before we flip into beast mode and crush it!”
– Anthony F.

“I listen to my body and remind myself that every time I strap my feet into the rower, all I can give is the best I’ve got in that moment. Some days I will row my lowest split time ever! Other days, I’ll be doing well just to have made it to class. The effort is what’s important. All work is good work.”
– Jackie M.

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Stay tough, crew. You’ve got this!