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Trendy workouts are everywhere — but only the best alter the fitness landscape for good.

CITYROW was built to go the distance because it fills a critical need. Clients want high-intensity workouts that shred calories and tone muscles, but are also gentle on joints. We’ve perfected this formula so both seasoned athletes and fitness newbies can safely reach their goals. It’s a sweaty, exhilarating experience that clients LOVE.

That’s the market you want to be in.

Be First to Market

Joining an $80 billion industry is smart — but you have to be strategic. Today’s consumer is seeking tailored services that cater to their individual needs, not to the masses.

That’s why boutique fitness is replacing crowded, intimidating gyms. It’s changing the way people get fit with effective, hard-hitting workouts that are also a whole lot of fun.

The CITYROW concept was tested and perfected in New York’s fiercely competitive market. Every aspect, from studio design to instructor training to member retention, has been refined so that you can hit the ground running.

Backed by FranWorth — the premier franchise development company — CITYROW’s proven business model is poised to win markets from coast to coast. Be first in your region with this killer concept and become the breakout brand.

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When clients are asking you to franchise, you know your market is ready-made.